Manufacturing of 'Auto Component Test Equipments' & 'Custom Built Equipments'. Here we deal with every aspect of ordered machine which starts from concept suggestion to installation of supplied machine.

a. Manufacturing of Total Machine as a Set up with Controls, Indications & Automations.
b. Manufacturing Of Independent Electronic Systems Or Electrical Control Panels Or bare Mechanical Systems.
c. Manufacturing of set up as per others design.
d. Manufacturing of PC & Data Logger based Equipments.

We also do trade activity regarding certain spares, sensors & other BOI parts related with our field only. For example Loadcells, Process parameter Indicators etc. Other general trading activity is not covered.
Servicing & Upgradation

We also undertake servicing & upgradation work for existing our category machines. It is also under two headings.

  • For our supplied but old age machines.
  • For others make our category machines.

Upgradation work may cover simple to semi-automatic Or Semi.-automatic to fully automatic upgradation. Also it may cover Analog Indication to Digital Indication or distributed logic to PLC based logic. Everything which is in our scope & as per customer's requirement.


We also undertake calibration activities for normally required parameters / meters / gages etc. Though we don't have our owned set up, but with our good tie-ups we can handle it well as per the requirement. So one can get any parameter / meter / gage calibrated under one roof. We can offer traceability to NPL OR NABL also.

Microcontroller Based Development
We also undertake projects which demand for Micro controller based integration. We normally deal with MCS51 category. But on requirement we deal with other categories also. What one has to say is it's one line requirement only!
Developments in Educational Equipments

Though we are not selling Educational Equipments on our brand name, we are capable of offering product development & Upgradation services to such manufacturers. But it will be a one-time job.

Recently we have started to cover products with PC based interface for Educational & Technical Institutes.