All products mentioned here are manufactured as per the provided, related Or concerned standards like IS, ASTM Or other standard specified for it.

Test & Custom Built Equipments for -

1. Auto Components.
2. Environmental & Corrosion Testing.
3. General Components.
4. Others.

Auto Components Category –

Though detailed listing is very difficult, still we are providing below the list of Commonly Known Equipments . . .
Performance Or Endurance Test Equipments for the following –

1. Suspension:

a. Shock Absorbers.
b. Front Forks.
c. Leaf Spring.
d. Springs.
e. Other Related Components.

2. Auto Electricals:

a. Switches.
b. Lamps & Indicators.
c. Horns.
d. Auto Electrical Connectors.
e. Dash Board / Cluster Testing.
f. Other Related Components.

3. Others:

a. Clutch & Brakes.
b. Brake Drum & Brake Lining.
c. Cylinder Blocks & Heads.
d. Pumps
e. Universal Joints.
f. Foams & Seats.
g. Gas Springs.
h. Hoses & Bellows.
i. Tyres & Wheel Rims.
j. Steering Columns & Gears.


All these equipments are provided with required Automation, Digital Instruments & Parameter Indication & Sophisticated look. Also we can provided Data Acquisition & PC based Interface to our Equipments as per Demand.

Environmental & Corrosion Testing

a. Salt Spray Test Chamber - With Acrylic / S. S. / P. P. Cabinet.
b. Dust Circulating Chamber.
c. Water Spray Test Chamber.
d. Mud Spray Test Chamber.
e. Rain Simulator Chamber.
f. Water Dipping Apparatus.
g. Humidity Chamber.


General Components Category –

Equipments for –

  1. DWC & HDPE Pipes.
  2. Suction Hoses.

It may cover the range like–

  1. Compression Testing.
  2. Dust Chamber for Pipe Couplers.
  3. Fixtures for Pipe Bending Strength.
  4. Water Dipping Bath.
  5. Hot Perforation Machine.
  6. Died Head Heating Control Panels.
  7. Pressure Bust Test Apparatus


Others Category –

a. Equipments for Hospital Bed Testing.
b. Test Tracks for Robot-Vehicles.
c. Instrument Cooling Fan Testing.
d. Logic & Automation Control Panels with Or without PLC.