Dear Customers,

Many thanks for visiting our website & sparing your valuable time for us. And with word of thanks we here by take opportunity to say some thing about our activities & us.

We are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the emerging company in the field of 'Auto Component Test Equipments' & 'Custom Built Machines'. So while moving ahead let we explain every possible thing step by step.

What is Auto Component Testing ?

This 'Auto Component Testing' field is getting enormous importance as our economy is getting global. As a result more & more companies are coming to our country for launching their products. Also due to globalization there is a change in market trend. Previously it was 'Sellers Market'& now it's 'Buyers Market'. As a result to survive through cutthroat competition every body is going with variety of models & types. Parallely customer is getting more curious about the Quality of the product he is receiving. And hence it is becoming very important to check each auto component getting fitted to vehicle sold in the market. While testing any component we have to test it either for Performance Testing Or Endurance Testing.

In case of Performance Testing we are checking particular Quality / Qualities of the component under consideration. But these Qualities are such qualities that decide field performance of the component. So resulted parameter values, graph, curves & tables are more important to analyze the test results.

Where as with Endurance Testing we are checking life cycle of the component. Means though it is of desired Quality, how long it will sustain that Quality? So here no. of cycles / operations are more important. But obviously these cycles / operations are, the count prior to failure of component.

Here designs of machines are varying from component to component & requirement to requirement. Customer says it in one line about the requirement & then we go with all possible workout to put the concept in reality. Quality Control Dept, Design Dept, initiates mainly such testing requirements. & Testing Dept. utilizes it.

What we do ?

Whenever such requirement is there & we receive, we study it in depth & then send a quote in details with G.A. drawing or without it. And after detailed one to one discussion only we accept the order. This minimizes any chance to run out of specifications or exact requirement.

Now Auto Components Test Equipments is one of our activities and as a result of continuous developement at our end we are providing automation solutions, project development consultancy etc.

Our Set up:

We are working in Sangli - Maharashtra – India with our owned full fledge Office which is equipped with all necessary tools like Internet Facility, Office Equipments, Computer & Laptop, Engg. Softwares, Test Set up & programming tools etc. And To manufacture such machines against the orders in hand, we have a full time & full fledge contracted / hired works facility. Where complete team is there to manufacture, assemble & finish the manufactured equipments & test rig. Due to encouraging support from our Customers recently we have purchased a Land to go with expanded set up so as to fulfill future needs. Slowly we are developing a permanent service call    attending team - so as to serve in better manner. Means proudly we can say that we are well equipped with required facilities to serve such requirements.

Also we have good contacts with Engg. Colleges to get desired technical help as & when required. Also good experienced consultants are there with us to make this activity more trust worthy.

We are sure with this information you have gained sufficient confidence to forward your enquiry to us without any hesitation. So just favor us a by giving a Call Or Enquiry. For contact refer our ‘Enquiry’ Or ‘Contact Us’ Page.